Welcome to Paterson Fire – an online museum dedicated to the heroism of firefighting men and women everywhere, and especially within New Jersey, New York, and the Northeast.

We will eventually be adding more images and articles that flesh out these stories and people. Across the decades these brave souls still teach us the meaning of heroism – it is our hope here to help chronicle some of that story.



Did You Know that, in the U.S., the 1st fire protection service, or “fire engine company”, started serving its community in 1628, on the 27th of January of that year? They likely used hand-pumped devices to siphon and direct water onto fires they were fighting.

Our Founding Fathers had safety in mind early on: In 1736 the Union Fire Company of the city of Philadelphia was founded by none other than Ben Franklin. Professional paid firefighters may not have emerged in this country until 1850, but history shows that people have been helping to keep the scourge of fire under control since the dawn of America.




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